The BEST wash experience

We designed our car wash with your comfort in mind.  SoakZone hosts a very clean environment with oversized wand wash bays and super bright LED lighting.  We accept multiple payment methods including coin, debit, credit and our own SoakZone gift cards.


Our wand wash bays are oversized, allowing plenty of room to work around your entire vehicle - even your one-ton truck!
Each wash bay comes loaded with 14 different wash options including:

   VACUUM to clean all upholstery and carpets
    TIRE CLEANER to clean off and shine up your rubber
    ENGINE CLEANER designed specifically for under the hood
    PRE-SOAK for coating your vehicle prior to using soap and foamer products
    BUG REMOVER formulated to fight off stubborn tar and bugs
    SALT SHIELD a super protectant during the winter season for rust prone surfaces
    SOAP high quality soap applied at high pressure
    FOAM BRUSH for areas that need extra attention and a good scrub
    TRIPLE COLOUR SPRAY FOAM paint your vehicle like a RAINBOW - smells great too!
    HOT RINSE our wands put out 1500 PSI of hot, soft water
    TURTLE WAX PRO keeps your vehicle protected
    TURTLE WAX ICE for polishing and giving your vehicle an extra shiny finish
    SPOT FREE RINSE a final rinse for a streak-free finish
    AIR to fill your tires or blow any excess water from doors and locks to prevent freezing
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Our LaserWash 360 PDQ+ is the best automatic wash system on the market and one of very few in Western Canada.  Take advantage of the best deal in town, the Triple 8 Deal!  - Regular washes starting at just $8.88 (+ GST).  Or take it up a couple of notches and get a FIRE & ICE wash and experience the Hi-Gloss OverGlow application.  Truly the best wash around!